Mr. Lou Krupkin
CEO & Co-Founder
Magen Israel, Security Expertise

Mr. Krupkin is a technologist and security specialist that has been involved in security, technology sales and sales management for over 25 years. Previously Mr. Krupkin served in an active combat role in the Israel Defense Force and has worked with and continues to work in the area of security including counterterrorism, anti-terrorism, security consulting, security analysis, and protective services. Mr. Krupkin is a Certified Police K9 Handler, Situational Awareness, Krav Maga, Karate, and Combat Instructor, and Stop the Bleed Instructor. Mr. Krupkin is certified as a Behavioral Detection Officer, Active Shooter Response Operative and has been providing security posture assessments for houses of worship, organizations and companies.

Dr. Shlomi Gavish COO & Co-Founder Magen Israel, Security Expertise

Dr. Shlomi Gavish, is a seasoned integrative medicine practitioner with over 15 years of experience in South Florida. Beyond his professional medical practice, Dr. Gavish is a dedicated security specialist actively involved in ensuring the safety of the Jewish community in South Florida. With a background of having served in an active combat role in the Israel Defense Force, Dr. Gavish brings a wealth of experience and real-world expertise to his work in the field of security, including expertise in counterterrorism, anti-terrorism, security consulting, and security analysis. His previous experience working as an undercover operative adds a unique perspective to his security consulting services. Dr. Gavish is a certified Combat Instructor, Stop the Bleed practitioner, and an Active Shooter Response Operative. Dr. Gavish has extensive experience in providing security posture assessments for houses of worship, organizations, and companies. Dr. Gavish's extensive training includes counter-terror tactics, tactical training, emergency response team management, tactical first aid, and Stop the Bleed. Drawing from his medical background, Dr. Gavish provides emotional support and behavioral medicine services with a focus on professionalism.

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